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You spent another routine day at work, you came home for a second shift with the kids because that’s how it is when you become parents. A relationship is work, and sometimes it’s hard work and you are allowed to pamper yourself and get out of the routine, diversify, especially if you experience tension with your wife because of the shackles of life and what they require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any new escort girls?

The answer is yes, after the corona period is finally behind us and the lockdowns then new girls started arriving from Retsia and Ukraine and many other countries.

The girls are at a very high level and very beautiful.

What is the price of the girls?

Because we are in Tel Aviv, the price is very cheap compared to others and you get girls at the highest level there is!

What do escort girls do?

Sex work includes various activities such as soliciting on the street or in other public areas, dancing naked with or without contact, giving erotic massages, visiting or receiving through an escort service, playing pornographic films, animating erotic phone calls or webcams, and offering or specifically special services such as controlling or fetishism. Sexual work is diverse and may apply to paid sexual or erotic activities. It is therefore beyond prostitution, which exclusively describes the exchange of paid sexual services.
Escorts use physical, psychological and interpersonal skills to perform their work; technical and personal skills; Money management skills and the ability to deal with the strong prejudices against them. All this knowledge has a direct impact on their ability to make a living from sex work.

What do the escort girls agree or refuse to do?

No two escort girls are exactly the same. Each employee sets her own rules and limits regarding what actions she is willing to perform, what prices she charges and how long the services last. Negotiation is therefore an essential element of sex work. Each employee can agree to perform certain activities and refuse to perform . It is wrong to believe that a sex worker is bought or rented: the sale is roughly pre-established sexual or erotic services that are included in the activities that a sex worker offers, as well as within its limits. The boundaries of a sex worker are non-negotiable. When intervening with a sex worker, it is important to accompany her through her self-esteem, as well as her ability to establish herself and set the boundaries for her reinforced. Personal and professional determination is a central component of determining working conditions that promote the health and safety of workers.

Why do escort girls do this?

This is the most common question. Sex workers would simply answer that they do this work to earn a living. Just like other professions, there are a variety of motivations for this choice. Some like the flexible schedule, some enjoy meeting many people from different walks of life, and some are comfortable with sexuality, nudity, keeping others’ secrets, listening and providing moral support. While some sex workers change jobs in the sex industry, some continue the same job, and others leave for new horizons. One can practice sex work for a few weeks, a few months or many years, similar to other occupations.

There is no standard path. Why choose to do sex work? While sex workers are often asked this question, gas station attendants, office clerks, doctors and lawyers are rarely asked to explain their motivations behind their profession. Being aware of and challenging this double standard contributes to the social integration of sex workers and, as a result, to the fight against their marginalization.

Where can I find new Escort Tel Aviv in the center?

In the escort services portal Escort Tel Aviv there are new Israeli and Russian escort girls who decided to give an opportunity to work in escort services. There are always girls who like to pamper men who like to hang out and earn money for it along the way.

We always put the ads of the new escort girls at the top of all the ads.

What is better, escort girls or discreet apartment?

At a time when the corona virus is still with us, the girls who work in discreet apartments often charge prices of NIS 1000 or more, for rude and disrespectful service. In contrast, the prices of escort services in Tel Aviv and throughout the country have not increased and today in many cases are cheaper than a visit to a discreet apartment. This means that for a cheaper price you can afford to pamper yourself and invite a girl up to you, discreetly that you won’t get in any discreet apartment or in any massage parlor.

Are escort services in Tel Aviv limited to Tel Aviv?

Absolutely not, you can order escort services in Tel Aviv to the entire central area such as Bat Yam, Ramat Gan, Holon, Herzliya, Petah Tikva and more. No extra charge even. Booking an escort girl to places further away from the center like Netanya or Ashdod will cost a little more money of course.

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