Full body workout

I’m almost done. That is, with my training. Since COVID19, I have had to train at home. This is almost the only concession I had to make because of the virus. I’ve had no problems transitioning to remote work, so I’ve never been hurt like some people.

I really like to exercise. So, to avoid getting sick, I bought a full set of gym equipment all the way home. Well, not a full set because that was excessive. But more like a bench, barbell, dumbbells, and enough dumbbells to manage. It’s funny how much you can accomplish just by having a simple lifting bar at home.

I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to working out, but it’s my standard method of keeping fit. I’m pretty athletic, and I like to show it. What’s the point of working out if you can’t show off your round and juicy ass, tight stomach and ample breasts? Okay, the last item was just a godsend for me. My amazing and surprisingly gravity-defying C cups are one of my more prominent features. My breasts went crazy and I have to admit it felt good. The boobs were even more prominent with my half-length brown hair that was cut just above my lap. At the age of 22 I grew quite nicely, my height was 165 cm and I weigh around 55 kg.

Oh, oh yes, I almost forgot the most obvious one, my name is Teresa. But everyone just calls me Tess.

I have been living the exciting single life for several years now. It’s been a while since I had any kind of boyfriend. I get dumped every now and then because life is meant to be lived, right? However, I am not alone. I share my apartment with Thor, the Great Dane, my protector in black armor. I have had him since he was a little puppy. But nowadays he is much bigger than even me. It usually behaves pretty well but lately I’ve had to use it with a steadier hand. And it’s for his own good, of course, I can’t make him run away in the middle of town. Although if this behavior continues I may have to get him checked out by the vet…

Oh sorry! It’s hard for me to stay on topic. Like I said, I’m almost done with training. All that’s left is the bench press. I constantly change the order of how I do my fitness training. I often bench press first so I’m sure I have enough strength to do it. But I don’t want to be locked in the same ways. And I really feel that it is also good for the body to change things.

I started adjusting the bench to the correct position and added the safety bars. I do like 80% of my max so safety bars are a must. I won’t risk sticking to the weight. If I was able to work at a gym, I could always ask some cute kid to identify me, but no such luck at home. I’ve been lifting for a long time, so my record reflects that. I managed to lift 47.5kg last month and I’m pretty proud of that. And before you laugh at that, try lifting your own weight before you grin! Since this was my last set, 35kg worth of weights was the most I could add.

OK, break is over. Let’s go for it.

I felt good lifting the first two sets. Sure, I was pretty sweaty, but I felt like it was a pretty good workout so far. If you’ve been to gyms, you probably know what I mean. Every once in a while you get that good day where you can do just a little bit more for no good reason. It was one of those days. For the last two sets, I added 2×2.5 kg weights to the bar.

I stood by the bench while I was a little out of breath. I was pretty stoked to be able to go further than I planned. While I was waiting to catch my breath, I began to notice how hot it was. I could see the sweat running down my cleavage and it tickled a bit. Including this, my thin underwear was wet from the workout. And all that sweat gave me a wonderful idea. I could have taken a bath during the last two sets.

I paused the teen TV drama show I was watching from the streaming service and went to turn on the bath. The series was just about to get steamy, so I didn’t want to miss it. While setting up the water, I continued to pump myself, the bath being my reward for nailing the workout. A little more motivation to finish strong. Maybe after I take Thor out, I can even have a drink or two to relax. After all, it was Saturday night.

I continued watching TV while catching my breath. It seemed I had to wait a little longer before things got naughty. “The Steamy Couple” is interrupted for now and they laugh about it. Oh well, maybe it’ll be more fun to watch it with a drink in my hand. Now I have to focus on the job at hand. I take my position on the bench. Since my apartment is not huge, the only place where there is enough room to do a bench press is right next to the wall. As always, I do it carefully. Let’s just say that after I hit my head twice on the concrete wall because I got too excited, it works as a reminder to be careful. I place my hands in the right places, take a deep breath and push the bar up. “Damn. 5kg really makes a difference” I thought to myself. I carefully lower the bar close to my chest and then push it back up. “Okay, one more time and that’s it.”

Another deep breath and I prepare myself for the next lift. I held my breath and lowered the bar down. At the same time, I can hear from the TV that one of the female characters is still laughing about making the “steamy couple” laugh almost in an act. She said loudly: ‘No father! Not in the butt!’ It was something so unexpected that I lost focus and started laughing. Yep… if you don’t already know it, you can’t laugh when you bench press close to your max. The rod fell with a thud on top of safety bars. It would have been dangerous if I hadn’t set the safety bar as I always do. I was still laughing at the scene on TV, so I didn’t fully understand the situation. But I was soon to understand it.

Since I’ve never needed safety bars before, I haven’t really tested them properly either. Sure, I checked that the empty bar I was lifting wouldn’t touch me, but I didn’t check what happens if I can’t move the bar. The pole I dropped almost touches my neck. That meant I couldn’t force my head under the bar. I was also unable to slide to safety on the other side of the bench as the wall blocked my path. I tried to squeeze myself into a sitting position

By using the wall to support my climb, but that wasn’t possible as I couldn’t get my huge tits to move under the bar. I’m hoping that removing my sports bra will work but after a bit of undressing I found that my breasts are just too big. “Damn my big, perky tits!”.

I still tried to laugh the situation off but the seriousness of it all started to dawn on me. I was literally stuck under the bar for now. But luckily, I wasn’t in a life-threatening situation, so I could take my time and think calmly. Even the tub wouldn’t turn on if the water was running, so I don’t really have to worry about that either. I’m fine, I’m smart, and I can figure it out. The TV series continued while I held my breath again. ‘Finally, alone’ said the girl and then climbed on the boy’s lap. It was on. They started kissing passionately while the clothes were flying. “This would be so hot if I wasn’t so awkwardly attached under my weights” I thought to myself. I could see my nipples getting hard in front of me. ‘Well, that won’t help me’ I said out loud, still optimistic about the situation.

Thor knows how to leave me alone when I do my workout. I trained him so that there would be no accidents. So he usually rests alone in the other room while I sweat. However, since I don’t usually talk to myself, Thor was intrigued and came to visit me. He was obviously unaware of my predicament, but he could sense that something was out of the ordinary. I rarely work out bare chested while watching really soft porn on TV.

“I’m sorry Thor. I can’t take you out yet. I seem to have found myself in a pickle. I told Thor. He felt the pressure in my voice and came closer to investigate. He suddenly started licking my face. ‘No Thor! stop that!’ I laughed while trying to cover myself. But if you don’t push him hard, he’ll probably keep going until he gets bored. Since I was in no position to do anything firmly, I gave up and just covered my tickling face while laughing. And as I guessed, that didn’t stop Thor. He just moved down a little and found my tits with erect nipples. ‘Damn Thor!’ I shouted while laughing. It was clear to me that I couldn’t cover my face and boobs at the same time. When I moved to protect another, he just attacked somewhere else. As you can probably guess, I haven’t really had a chance to think about how to remove myself from the bench. However, I didn’t have to worry about my ticklish upper body for a long time. Thor could sense something more curious on the other side of the bench. I didn’t notice how turned on I was by the TV show and Thor licking my breasts. Especially since I was sweating from the start. Although I was unaware of the signs of irritation, Thor was not. My damp underwear gave off a distinct smell that Thor picked up.

When Thor left my tits and face, I tried to collect myself. I’m ticklish and sensitive, so his rough tongue is like torture on my sweaty body. But the respite was short. I hadn’t even removed my hand from my face when I felt his snout and tongue between my open legs. I put my feet on the ground like I always do when someone is on the bench. This meant that my thinly covered glass was like an open buffet for the big dog that was now standing on the other side of the bench. I started to panic. It wasn’t funny anymore. I tried to cover myself by pushing my hands into my cup, but I couldn’t get far enough. The bar above me limited my movement and I couldn’t apply enough to push Thor. Then I tried to lift my hips and cross my legs, but Thor was too strong. Those few times I was able to tighten my legs, he just pushed back into my nether regions.

‘turn! No!’ I shouted. But there is no help. It was like Thor didn’t hear me at all.

I could feel his strong tongue on top of my cup. Obviously he was aiming for the wettest part of my panties and it affected me even more. The more he licked, the wetter I got. I was still completely unaware of my arousal as I struggled to find a way to get him to stop his assault. I was startled when I felt my panties give way to an invading tongue from one side. A few licks on my bare lips felt much more sensitive than the licks through the thin panties. I could easily reach the top of my panties so in a panic I pulled to straighten them. Unfortunately, the saliva and juice from my cup made the thin fabric very damp, and it gave way when I pulled. About 5 inches of fabric ripped from the strap right on top of my shaved cup mound. Lick after lick the torn area was extended down and down. I tried to prevent the inevitable but very quickly I felt Thor’s rough tongue on top of my exposed and sensitive clit. I tried to avoid the next lick by moving my hips but to no avail. My ripped underwear no longer protected me at all.

Thor has never been so aggressive towards me. Sure, I’ve had some issues lately, but he still obeyed when I yelled. In our relationship, I was the master. But now he was completely unresponsive to all my commands. In his mind, he had his basic needs met. He was at an age where he wanted to mate and reproduce. And there was nothing tastier than a hot dog.

The demanding tongue slid from my spot to my clit, pleasuring me all the way. He tried to push his tongue deeper and deeper into me to find the source of the sweet heat my cup was producing. In fact, he pushed me so hard that I had to use my hands to push the wall from behind so I wouldn’t keep hitting my head against it. I also tried to protect my sore breasts that were pushed against the bar. But it wasn’t enough, I also had to push my feet on the floor, so that I could lock myself and not constantly smash the concrete wall behind me. From this position I was able to withstand the constant urges, but I had no more methods to protect my cunt. And now that Thor was able to savor my taste directly from my bare cunt, I began to moan involuntarily. The panic in the corner of my head gradually dissipated. It turned into pleasure. Tears in my eyes, I moaned louder and louder. I couldn’t deny the growing pleasure building deep inside me.


I told Thor to stop ‘Please Thor. please. Please stop.’ But even I didn’t think he wouldn’t stop before he finished.

The tip of his tongue found the oiled cup hole. And when he found a way to push further, the arousal boiled and I came hard. I lost myself in pleasure for a moment. I closed my eyes, and managed to forget the situation. Wave after wave of pleasure flowed through me and I could not stop my movement and push the intruder through my mouth. This of course excited Thor even more and he started pushing back harder and harder. Suddenly my hands gave way and I was pushed hard against the wall. I saw stars and not only because of the violent orgasm. It took me a few moments to collect myself. I breathed heavily and tried to understand what happened. I seem to have lost my balance when they pushed me against the wall. I could still feel Thor’s wet tongue trying to access my moist opening. Also, something wet dripped on me. It didn’t make sense… To understand the situation better, I opened my eyes and saw Thor’s head drooling over me. What the hell is going on here?

As I orgasmed, I was suddenly pushed against the wall by Thor. This caused Thor, who was pushing his tongue deeper and deeper inside me, to lose his balance and lunge forward. There’s probably one or two things you should know about Great Danes, not only are they heavy, but they’re also pretty tall. So tall in fact that he can tower over the bench when standing on his feet. And Thor was able to reach even higher since he jumped and placed his front paws on top of the lifting bar. I stared at the drooling mess of a head right above me. Saliva mixed with secretions from my vagina dripped on my head and tits while I tried to understand the situation.

And then the realization of the situation struck me in full terror. Thor tried to fuck me missionary style. ‘No!’ I scream and started to panic as my head cleared. I tried to push the bar and press under it, but if I couldn’t move it before then I’m sure I couldn’t move while Thor was laying on it. I couldn’t see his cock hitting my butt with quick jerks. But I didn’t need to see it to know how screwed I’d be if he got his way. I had seen him excited more than once before and this cock was not meant to penetrate humans. I never measured it because why would I? But it must have been at least 10 inches long and as wide as the boy’s arm. I didn’t want that monster anywhere near my cup.

“How the hell is that even possible?” I screamed in my head. “Is this a normal way for dogs to have sex? I thought it was called doggy style for some reason?!?” The questions kept hitting my head. For Thor, normality was not very important. He was only concerned with satisfying the need to unload his balls into the hot and humid hole he had been preparing for the last ten minutes. I did not know what to do. I couldn’t run away, but I couldn’t really block him either. I could only wait and see, and that only added to the fear of the situation.

The situation was almost hopeless from the moment I had an orgasm and hit my head against the wall. The only reason Thor couldn’t push my cunt in was the feat. Thor knew he was close, and that excited him even more. The rest of his friend was taking down and he was able to stab more and more. He threw up before cum all over my vulva and bench. This further lubricated the entry and entry into my tight young hole that Thor was trying to breach.

“Is there anything I can do? Maybe I could raise my hips so he would miss and slide under me? No… He would hit

My ass then. That’ll do…” My thoughts were interrupted when Thor managed to bury a few inches of the still-growing cock inside my unprepared cunt. ‘Oh! No! I yelled. Thor knew he’d won the jackpot, so he brought his hind legs closer to my body and thrust again. And the cock managed to reach A little deeper into my hot cunt. I clenched my vaginal muscles as hard as I could. The size difference between our genitals was obvious, I was sure I could stop him from pushing deeper into me. And for a moment it seemed like I had managed to prevent another violation. Thor continued to pound his muscles with penetration. Shallow, trying my best. To get even further inside the woman. The fight back in that beast took its toll on me. The pain I felt emanating from my cunt made me whimper. All the while Thor seemed unaffected by my struggle and continued to pound resolutely against my vulva. Resistance to the board .My cunt was wet from the start and all the cum Thor shot into my mouth made my efforts futile. In the next few seconds, I lost the battle and Thor was able to push his eager cock further inside me.

By now I knew I would be taken in ways I could never erase from my mind. Begging the beast would be pointless, I can only try to survive the situation. I closed my eyes and again did what I could to protect my body for what was to come.

I sobbed and moaned during my interracial intercourse. I couldn’t understand how something this disgusting was happening to me. First, I got an orgasm from Thor’s oral attack and now I was about to be fucked with a baseball bat. I was too focused on self-pity to notice how my body was starting to prepare to betray me once again.

Moment after moment Thor managed to release more of his cock and bury it inside me. Dog saliva, my pussy juices, and precum from Thor’s cock kept me properly lubricated at all times. But I was pretty sure the dick couldn’t be pushed any more anytime soon. My vagina was already as full as it could be. However, increasing pressure on the walls of my vagina clearly indicated that his cock was still steadily growing in girth. Pain and pleasure went hand in hand. As I got used to the pressure, it increased and forced my cup to stretch even more. I began to fear being torn by the monstrous cock.

It’s getting harder and harder for Thor to fill me because my small frame is unable to take his cock any deeper. Every now and then he pointed his hind legs forward to make it easier for him to push as far as he could. This movement forced my glutes and hips to lift off the bench. I couldn’t stop it even if I tried. I became impaled by his cock to prevent him from doing anything. I had to help Thor lift my hips to avoid more pain.

Do you have any idea how much it hurts to lift you from the cup? Well, I know now. So that’s how I ended up with my legs hanging in the air while at the absolute mercy of the big beast, I used to call my shield.

Even though Thor’s thrusts had been pretty calm so far, I was starting to feel sore all over. Luckily, it looks like Thor is having trouble finding a proper pace. My dangling legs started to lose feeling and it was quite uncomfortable. I hated the idea of ​​wrapping my legs around my unwanted lover, but I really wanted to steady myself while I was still able. I had to use all the strength from my core muscles to place my legs around Thor’s back. It wasn’t easy as only my back was touching the bench while otherwise impaled by a huge cock. But I managed to do it. To avoid falling after relaxing my core muscles, I pushed my body forward to lock my legs behind Thor.

This final adjustment was a serious mistake on my part. I basically pulled my lower body into Thor’s cock as he tried to drill deeper inside my little body. The huge cock was now as hard as it could be, and my readjustment aligned the tip of the cock with my cervix. The huge beast pushed his rod forward and my cervix gave way a few millimeters. I screamed in despair when I realized my mistake. Thor took this as an opportunity and gave another firm thrust. Again, the cock disappeared a little further inside. Thor was about to push his puppy maker into my womb, and I had no way to fight back.

Suddenly I was full like never before. The tip of the hot rod penetrated my cervix and the rest of the cock soon followed. The pain brought tears to my eyes. A feeling of pure disgust washed over me. I was as full as my little body could be with a damn beast. I couldn’t go on, but I had no choice. Worse, as he was firmly embedded inside me, he picked up the pace and began pounding my beast in my aching cunt. Loud and embarrassing noises from the faster and harder fucking of my soaked pussy filled the room. His big balls were pounding hard on my ass and it just pissed me off even more. However, I could not hold on to despair and rage much longer. Another orgasm was brewing deep inside me. Heat filled my face as my body prepared to climax for the second time today.

Before I could react to strong sensations that replaced my pain, the orgasm exploded from my cunt. My eyes rolled back in the back of my head and I started screaming my lungs out. At the same time, I knew what was happening but irrationally I also feared the unknown. I tried to fight the waves of pleasure by pushing and smacking the animal above me but either I was too weak, or Thor just didn’t care. His incessant grind has not slowed down one iota. The orgasm hit me so hard I felt like I forgot how to breathe, so I gasped for air. I believe I tried to beg Thor to stop but nothing intelligible escaped my lips.

I was no longer in the driver’s seat of my body. It felt like my twitching limbs had a mind of their own. My locked legs held tight and unknowingly I continued to use my legs to match Thor’s violent thrusts. They destroyed me like a dirty whore and for anyone who didn’t know the full context, I was willing to participate in this animal act. I climaxed again and came pretty close to passing out. Which was probably good since Thor wasn’t done with my cunt yet. A knot formed at the base of his doggy cock. I felt a sharp pain from the vaginal entrance. I had an idea what was going on. I’ve obviously done my research on dogs, but I’ve never witnessed the behavior in real life. But now I experienced it in practice, and it caused my panic. I did my research, but I didn’t know if the dog would stop trying if he couldn’t push his bond to the dog. “Damn. I’m the bitch here…” I thought as I finished.

One thing I was sure of was that it would become more painful the longer it took for Thor to push his bond into me. I was very conflicted with these thoughts. 30 minutes ago, I wouldn’t have even thought that soon I would have to think about whether I should let a baseball-sized shape squeeze inside my vagina. My last vestiges of self-respect would be destroyed. With teary eyes I began to do my best to relax the already tense vaginal muscles. The walls of my vagina were stretched to new limits and I felt every agonizing moment of it. The connection was bigger than I imagined, and I started thinking about it. But just as I decided it was too much, it was crammed inside me. I let out a loud grunt to protest the bond, fully aware that he was already inside me.

Animal thrusts became slower and shorter now that Thor had tied up his dog. The sides of my vagina tighten around my cock and seal the knot tightly inside my cunt. The pain of a sudden stretch fades almost immediately. In fact, the big knot was scratching my G-spot quite enjoyably, and I knew I still had to endure a few more rocking climaxes before Thor was done with my cunt. My broken mind couldn’t decide if I should be happy or disgusted by this.

The movement of the Great Dane stopped. I only felt small twitches coming from the huge cock that was embedded in my cup. He also became surprisingly quiet. I could hear my own voice as I moaned and whimpered from being so stuffed. Then I felt my cock twitch a little harder and my cup stretch to accommodate the growing girth of Thor’s tool. Thor gasped more significantly, but he didn’t move at all. A copious amount of sausage cum that found its way into my uterus caused me to orgasm along with the big beast. A feeling of being filled more than before brought me to the edge. My tight cervix kept most of the sperm inside my uterus and I could feel my stomach to start to swell. It felt surreal. “How much can one dog unload from his kennel?” I wonder.

But I was in no position to ponder these questions. I drowned in my orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed through me. My body moved by itself. My hips continued to grind against the hard cock hoping to get more out of the knot that was scratching my sensitive G-spot. I was so full of HP

I forgot all the shame I felt before. I just rode the waves without intelligent thoughts. The pleasure was immense, and it didn’t seem to stop. I screamed in almost complete silence. My eyes were wide open, and I could only see the face of my violator who was calmly trying to impregnate me with a flood of his seed. Tears of pleasure ran down my face and these mixed with saliva still dripping from Thor’s watery mouth.

The seconds turned into minutes and I was a silly mess. I had never been taken as violently as I was today, and it was starting to show. There was a visible bulge on my stomach that swelled as it was filled to capacity by seed from Thor’s eggs. Adrenaline high from lust started to wear off and now I could feel how much I was in pain. Especially my lower back was starting to hurt from lifting it for quite some time. I was pretty sure Thor had finished pumping his seed inside me, but it was hard to tell because I felt pretty bloated as I did. I believe even Thor was eager to break away from me as well. He whined loudly and tried to pull away a few times, but his bond didn’t tighten enough. Every time he tried to pull it back a little, it sent a shiver through my body. “God, I hope this humiliation ends soon” I thought.

Feelings of disgust and revulsion returned as I descended from the clouds. I had a hard time coming to terms with how promiscuous I had been while being taken. From time to time I fantasized about being taken by force but these were just playful fantasies and none of them involved animals. I had to cum so many times and so hard that I wasn’t sure how I could want anything inside of me again. While I was wallowing in self-pity, Thor’s queue had finally emptied enough. The knot stretched my vaginal muscles once more before emerging from my used cup. In an instant, all the cock came out of me. My legs that I had locked around Thor came off and my lower body crashed down. Removing the big cock also meant that the tight seal blocking my cervix was removed as well. The hot dog cum that elongated my stomach now had an outlet. A ridiculous amount of sperm was suddenly released from me. Cum flowed from my cup all over the bench and the floor below. Almost immediately, Thor was on my cunt again, licking the excess seed with his tongue. Sudden events forced one more vaginal orgasm out of my tired body. After being humiliated and tortured for quite some time, I finally lost consciousness and fell asleep.

I woke up about 30 minutes later. Satisfied Thor left my body alone and went back to his favorite place. While I was out, a lot more cum came out of me. The mixture of the various secretions produced an intoxicating smell that made my head spin. I touched my stomach and found that the big part was gone. Carefully I applied some pressure with my hand and more sperm flowed from me. I couldn’t see the mess below me nor did I care. I moved a little and felt dried seed harden on my skin. I wondered how much was still in me. I reached with my right hand as far as I could under the bar. I was able to find her soft pussy lips covered in seed. The seed that was still inside me was still quite watery. I gently pushed my stomach with my left hand and again a seed seeded me from the stupidity. My right hand was dirty with the slippery seed. “Has Thor ever finished before? Did he just unload the entire life supply of sperm inside me? How else would there be so much of it?” I pondered in bewilderment. I moved my body once more and I knew I was in pain all over. But I also knew I had to find a way out before Thor decided to go for another round. The idea of ​​fucking again scared me.

A disgusting thought crossed my mind when I saw my slippery right hand. I had a decent supply of lube stored inside me. I only had to put my big tits under the bar, and I could escape this hell. I started applying the slippery stuff all over the breasts and the bar. I had to work fast so it wouldn’t dry out. After half a minute I was basically completely soaked in doggy cum. But my efforts paid off. By applying enough force with my hands, I was able to roll the rod over my tits. I felt a little shiver as the bar touched my sensitive and erect nipples, a reminder of my previous stimulation.

Now that I could finally sit up straight, I could witness the mess we made. Maybe because of the shock, I didn’t really care about it. For some reason I cared more about the TV still running and spoiling the plot of the show for me. I quickly moved to stop the show with my dirty hands. After realizing this, I felt stupid, and moved towards the bathroom. I realized very quickly that I simply had to clean myself properly. I felt a river of cum running down my leg and I just did my best to avoid walking on the carpet. Again a stupid thing to worry about but I couldn’t help myself.

Even a few steps did wonders for my sore muscles. It was only closer to an hour, but it felt like an eternity when I last went. As I approached the bathroom, the sound of running water hit my ears. “Oh shit, my water was running all this time” I remembered. I hurried, knelt down by the tub and turned the faucet off. Obviously the tub was completely filled. Fortunately, it has a built-in system to handle excess water. Otherwise, the whole bathroom would be flooded. I took my time on the side of the tub. I pushed my hands into the water and enjoyed the warm feeling. I washed my hands of the still slippery doggy buildup and looked at the water. I was talking to myself, ‘I wonder how many baths it will take before I feel clean again?’ I screamed quite a lot when I orgasmed, so my throat felt sore when I talked to myself. I finished the thought in my head, “Well, at least two I guess. First bath to get rid of that coating of semen. And second to drown myself.” It might have been funny if he hadn’t made me go through something so horrible.

My bathtub was located in the corner of the bathroom. I kept the soap, shampoo and other things related to the shower in the far corner, on the side of the tub. I wanted to wash my hands properly before examining my body thoroughly. So, while on my knees, I reached over the water to grab the colored soap container. In the middle of the process, I heard some noise behind me. Before I could turn around, I felt a weight on my back, and I found myself submerged. I tried to shout in surprise, but I still hadn’t realized that it was quite pointless underwater. I realized very quickly that

Thor surprised me and now lay on top of my body. With my hands I managed to reach the other side of the tub and with great effort I pulled my head above the water. And when I mean a lot of effort, I mean a lot of effort. Thor’s weight held me completely.

While I passed out, Thor also used the time to rest and recover. He went to his room after tasting my sparkling glass. He was quite satisfied after forcing himself on me. But he was a virile young dog. He wouldn’t mind going again if the situation arose. And there I was in the bathroom, on my knees and butt high, ready to assemble. This time the dog presented herself in the more familiar way for the Great Dane. So, his baser instincts took over and I found myself being taken by my pet again.

I lost my grip and found myself underwater again. I felt his penis on my back, but I was too busy to find a way not to drown in my bath. I clawed my way back above the water and could feel Thor crashing into me. I had to use both of my hands to keep from falling back into the water, so my nether regions were once again completely unprotected from Thor. I felt even more stupid now. By closing the door, I could have prevented it, but I was too preoccupied with running water to forget Thor. It was a mistake that I paid for now.

This time there was no foreplay, no foul language to prepare myself for mating. However, I felt something hot and wet being sprayed all over my pussy and ass. “That son of a bitch still has enough sperm to come out?” I thought. I felt strong stabs in my cup mound. The bastard touched my sensitive clit but luckily missed the real mark. Adrenaline once again shot into me as my body began to respond to the attempt at intersex mating. Or I felt the high from trying to stay above water. I wouldn’t be as scared as I was if they hadn’t destroyed me less than an hour ago. But now I knew he would take me if given the chance, so I had no illusions about what was at stake here. One well-timed thrust into my gaping cunt would make me his bitch again.

Thor also felt the situation. He felt that the hole was close but luckily he kept stabbing right off the mark. A minute passed and he continued to rock my clit. I began to wonder if I had managed to tire him out like that. It will only be a matter of time before he gives up. Suddenly I lost my grip again and a weight on my back pushed me under the water. I started to panic but quickly pulled myself together. I had already decided that if I found myself under water again, I would aim to remove the plug at the bottom of the tub to drain the water. It won’t drain the water right away, but if it continues, I might be glad I don’t have to worry about that one thing. I got as far as I could, and it was enough for me to touch the plug with two fingers. I struggled a little more and pulled the plug out from the bottom. Then I felt pressure on my virgin asshole.

I reached too far and stretched my body in the process. A sudden movement on my part forced Thor to readjust and he accidentally found an even tighter hole in which to bury his bone. The seed leaking from my cup pre-lubricated the tight sphincter. If that wasn’t enough, a hot build-up inserted directly into my butthole made sure I was nice and slick. Thor was semi-erect, so his girth was enough to penetrate a few inches into my previously untouched ass. And that was all he needed. I hadn’t thought about taking an enema so I was completely unprepared for the sudden invasion of my asshole. I was also a little busy being underwater so my focus wasn’t on my backside for a few seconds. So, a combination of several things created the possibility of a perfect storm. Now that he was inside, he could start applying more pressure to be able to push deeper through my anus into my anus. I was about to have my first ever anal sex.

I fought back to the surface. It took me longer than last time since I felt a bit of panic from being stabbed up to the ass. I gasped for air as I managed to get back up. So the hard pointed cock was already pushed about 5 inches inside me. It doesn’t really matter if I managed to reawaken earlier, it’s not like I could fight him off my back. I felt the pain and pressure grow as Thor’s hammer sank deeper and deeper into my ass. The hot jets of pre-cum were shot inside me, using the lube against the walls of my tight anal canal. I was too breathless to shout but my pained grunts were clearly heard.

Thor was excited. The puppy dog ​​style was much easier for him to deal with than before. And unfortunately, he could push harder and faster. Dissolving my sweet ass was only a matter of time. I never let anyone touch my ass. I thought about it but in the end, it didn’t come up. So, I had no way of knowing what to expect. The only thing I have already realized is that trying to relax my anal muscles greatly reduced the pain of penetration. Of course, that meant more and more throbbing cock was drilled into my anus. When Thor reached a certain depth, I began to feel his balls slapping against my cunt. Little by little the slaps became harder and more frequent. And I soon discovered that the bag of pills had found its way into my clit. By focusing on my cunt and building pleasure, I was able to trick my mind out of anal assault. The huge cock was completely embedded in my ass. If it wasn’t so scary, I’d be amazed at how much cock I can take up my ass. I knew it was a strange thing to be proud of.

The venous cock was now moving freely in and out of my ass at an unbelievable rate. Thor had all the power to rearrange my insides with his cock. At some point during my ordeal, my moans of pain changed to moans of arousal. My clit was being teased in the most unnatural and wonderful way. My pussy again became moist from all the stimulation. The constant pressure on my ass forced a load of doggy cum to seep out of my cunt and onto my thighs. I was forced to the next level of humiliation. My anal virginity was taken and my broken mind couldn’t decide if I even cared. After I found a way to relax my sphincter to get rid of the pain, my body started to take the assault. And now I sighed warmly while a huge dog a

Fuck my ass.

My body was building its way to my first anal climax when I started to feel excruciating pain from my anus. I forgot the connection. And it woke me up from my bliss. “Something that big wouldn’t be able to fit me. There was just no way. Now it’s seriously going to tear me apart” I thought in panic. I hoped that Thor would hear my pleas and not try to force the bond in, “Please Thor… please don’t… no… please don’t…” but it was useless. He was determined to take his dog one more time and there was no stopping him. I remembered what happened last time. I prepared myself for doggy style and relaxed my vagina to allow easier access. I knew I had to help me soon before he got bigger. If it was bigger, it would hurt even more. But relaxing wouldn’t be enough, I just couldn’t relax indefinitely.

I could only figure out one way around this situation. It was so humiliating that I started sobbing again. I had to spread my butt cheeks so Thor could push his still manageable knot through my ass. I humiliated myself so many times today it was overwhelming. I looked down and the water was still too high. But I couldn’t wait for the bond to grow to a size that would cause permanent damage. I took a deep breath and released my grip on the other side of the tub. I knew I had a limited number of seconds to hold my breath. So I did my best to relax myself and then willingly presented my ass to the beast behind me. And the animal took advantage of my submission. He pushed his tool as hard as possible. I felt my oiled sphincter stretch to a ridiculous size. I didn’t want to think how disgustingly undressed I was. It felt like hours of torture, but the connection finally surfaced inside.

The pressure and pain in my ass disappeared immediately. Inserting the knot pushed another stream of doggy cum out of my vagina. It flowed with pleasure by my clit. Thor was again balls deep inside me and again I could feel his puppy sack touching my cunt. My ass felt so full I was sure I couldn’t take much more. Thor continued his hammering even after my clasp sealed the knot into my ass. But he clearly slowed his drive, preparing for his second impregnation attempt of the afternoon. He wasn’t the only one preparing for Ragnarok. The pleasure again built up inside me because of the lack of pain. Again, my first ever anal climax was instant.

By the time I got to the side of the tub, I revived again and got my vital oxygen supply. However, it was short-lived. I was exhausted from the knots and generally just pounded so long and hard, I couldn’t hold Thor’s weight on my back, and I was pushed back under the shallow water. I knew I was in trouble, but the impending orgasm made it hard to focus on anything. I pushed off the bottom of the tub and managed to pull in one more lungful of air before I lost the last little sliver of my upper body strength. I crashed face first back into the water.

A burning sensation radiated from my ass. Thor exploded deep into my anus. Again a flood of Thor’s seed enveloped my insides. The warmth of his sperm surprised and excited me. Within seconds it was clear that Thor still had an amazing supply of cum left and he was pumping it all into my warm and welcoming ass. And more he cummed in my ass, more of his previous load seeped out of my cunt.

The water level had dropped enough that my ears were exposed. I could hear Thor’s frantic gasps and howls. He celebrated being able to assert his dominance over his bitch again by releasing his balls to me. I felt my consciousness fade away. “Fuck all the way to the end…”. As I was about to pass out, an emotional high raged through me. It felt deeper than anything I had ever felt before. I had no idea if it was because my ass was kicked or from lack of oxygen or maybe both. Whatever the reason, I experienced my first anal orgasm in my life.

A sudden surge of oxygen filled my lungs as water drained comfortably so I could breathe again. I gasped for air as my body convulsed in climax. I had no control over my movements as I finished. Only Thor’s weight was holding me in place, and of course the cock in my ass that flushed my anus. Again, my voice was stolen from me. My lips formed a big O in a silent scream while saliva dripped down the sides of my mouth. My saliva mixed with Thor’s own saliva that dripped from his flailing tongue onto my face. I could still smell the licked seed and cup juices from his nimble tongue, and the sensations it brought only increased my waves of orgasms.

Multiple orgasms just kept rolling through my body. It was like never ending waves of pleasure. My ass made involuntary grasping movements and tried to milk every drop of sperm inside him. I felt cramps all over my damaged body due to constant contractions causing tension in my muscles. I had no idea how much longer I could take this. It was impossible to know what was pleasure and what was pain. Everything just got mixed up. I experienced my lowest and highest at the same time. It was indescribable.

Within minutes I found myself in an incoherent state. Aftershocks of my highs still passed, but I seem to have survived. “Maybe I’m just a dirty bitch by nature”, it was a depressing thought. Thor was no longer attached to me. He got off me and now we were ass to ass. We were still tied behind my previous virgin brace. Based on our last fuck, it won’t take him long to pull his cock out. I felt his seed spill inside my bowels. I knew I would soon have the displeasure of emptying it all over my bathroom floor. The floor was already sticky with the last patch pushed out of my used case.

I dutifully started soothing my ass as a line started to come out. My ass stretched once more to allow the cock to exit my ass. A wet pop echoed off the tiles of my small bathroom. And as I expected, my gaping ass was unable to seal the large amount of dog cum being pumped into me. Large amounts of sperm flowed down my legs. If I hadn’t been so physically and mentally tired, I would have found the situation extremely disgusting. But I didn’t care.

Like a dutiful little dog, I stayed put and let Th

Ver explores my ass with his tongue. As before, he wanted to taste his work and was not to be disappointed. He had more than enough to go around. A rough tongue forced one last light orgasm from me.

After a few minutes, Thor left the bathroom. Tears in my eyes, I lifted my body with force. I had to lean on my sink and washing machine to keep from falling. I closed the door, locked it and went back to the bathroom. With great effort I removed my shredded panties that were still hanging on my waist. It was highly unlikely that I would wear them again. I didn’t dare fill the tub in case I passed out again so I just turned on the hot shower.

In the absence of a soul I did my best to wash my aching body. I considered my relationship with my pet. He controlled me at the base level. He took me mercilessly and rearranged my insides as he saw fit. He confused me inside and out. My mind was having a hard time grasping the position of master after being so thoroughly knocked into submission. “Did I let him take me to the bathroom? Could I have prevented at least some of that?” These questions will haunt me for a while.

I got up, dried off and decided to put on my dirty clothes from the laundry basket. For now, it didn’t matter much what I wore as long as I wasn’t forcibly grabbed again. Thor was resting in his room, cleaning his +20 cm long cock. Without thinking about it, I brought him water and food, then locked him up. Only after that I decided to take care of myself. And when I would wake up, I would understand the way forward.

I crashed into my soft bed and fell asleep almost immediately. I dreamed of fucking like a bitch without free will. I’ve been fucked in different positions, fucked in different rooms, and fucked in different holes. The scenarios changed rapidly but two things were the same each time. First, I willingly give myself up for whoever or whatever fucked me up. And secondly, I settled for it. It’s strange how much one or two events can change perspective.

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