Happy Birthday

Congratulations!!.. Congratulations!!.. The calls were heard from all sides. And then, of course, some birthday songs. I opened a bottle of champagne and congratulated my wife on her 55th birthday. After she was also greeted by Ofra, her partner in the architects office and some two good friends and the party continued.

At about one in the morning everyone dispersed, the employees of the catering company I hired cleaned and cleared the house surprisingly quickly and we were left alone.


The two children are already grown, she has a career in architecture, I have my entrepreneurial company. She has a few close friends, I have the “panther group”, which is basically the guys from the reserves.

But at home we are alone.

My wife, Yael, is 6 years older than me, short and thin with a relatively wide pelvis and doesn’t really take care of herself. Some will say she looks older than her 55 years. I am 49 years old, but tall and still impressive. It’s true that her belly has already grown a little and my hair is partly gray – but I’m relatively fine.

I love Yael very much and we get along great, but for close to a decade we hardly sleep. It bothers me, but that’s how it is and life goes on.

The party was over and we were left alone. We changed into comfortable clothes, I poured us red wine and we sat down on the sofa. In front of us on the table in the living room is a mountain of gifts – most of them in bags from different fashion houses and also many wrapped boxes.

Yael started opening some of the boxes, while excitedly thanking me for the excellent party I organized for her. The large tunic she wore slightly exposed the sides of her small breasts and when she raised her hand, I could also glimpse a prominent black nipple. As she leaned forward and the fabric stretched over her broad behind, I could tell she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

I began to think that maybe tonight I would get lucky and get a “prize” for the party I organized. I leaned back on the sofa and kept glancing at Yael behind her while she was opening the presents, fantasizing me with fun and orgasming. Yael reached one flat box, opened it and started coughing, I leaned forward and saw that there was a large dildo inside. Not electric and not with brains – just like an organ, but big and impressive.

She received this gift from Ofra, her office partner. Yael blushed all over, but when she glanced in my direction to see my reaction, I noticed a young spark in her eyes. She stood up, stretched out in front of me, her hands above her head and the thin fabric of the tunic clung to her small body, highlighting her perky nipples and her pubic mound before my eyes.

I already knew the look he gave me. I stood up and wrapped my arms around her, pressing the front of my pants and my waking member to her belly, enjoying the rare touch. I lowered my hand and cupped a piece of her wide crotch and Yael moaned hornyly (rare) and clung to me even more.

I thought Yael would lead us to the bedroom, but she thought otherwise. Yael raised her hands and I lifted the tunic over her head, she remained completely naked in front of me in the center of the living room with all the house lights on. Her small breasts, her black and long erect nipples, her small belly is a little droopy, her pubic mound hairy and untidy as if begging for the touch of my hands.

I reached out an experienced hand and cupped her pubes gently, a surprising (very) wave of wetness emanated from between her legs and her hot pubes.

“I don’t hold back” I told her.

I laid her on the carpet, rolled up my pants and quickly penetrated her, grinding her in a missionary position, enjoying feeling her small body buried under me and responding strongly to my thrusts. Yael’s sighs rose from under me, her legs rose into the air from my sides and her wide pelvis rose in front of my limbs with sharp movements, Yael’s sighs turned into short screams and within two minutes we finished almost together.

I rolled myself over her, lying on my back beside her, wondering how this miracle happened. After about a minute of silence, Yael reached out a hand, caressed my dwindling limbs and whispered – “I just started with you”.

I giggled at her, “Even once is a lot, how do you think I’ll have the strength for more?”
Yael leaned over to me, rubbing her small breasts against my chest, “I trust you” she whispered in my ears “now – to bed”.

We got up from the carpet and headed to the bedroom. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Yael was picking up the gift box she had received from Ofra from the table and a vibration of lust passed through my mind. We entered the bedroom and fell on the bed. To my surprise, Yael did not turn off the lights, but immediately lay down on top of me, pressing her pubic hair to my stomach and her breasts in front of my face.

I started licking and sucking my wife’s small, empty breasts, putting her full nipples in my mouth and playing with them with my tongue. Yael was aroused as I haven’t experienced her in over 20 years, she twisted her small body on my stomach and put a hand to her pubic area, masturbating hard.

I started to feel a slight awakening in my body, but only a slight one. Yael, on the other hand, sighed heavily, her hand digging into her pubic hair and her body vibrating on mine. She got up, turned around, put one leg over my head and lowered her vagina right into my face, placing her pubic hair on my mouth and started bouncing her vagina against the movement of my tongue.

Even though it had been a long (very) long time since the last time, I still remembered what she liked. I threaded two fingers from behind to her hairy pubis and at the same time I sucked her clit hard. Yael got up for a moment and suddenly put the dildo in my hand.

I wasn’t experienced at this, but I’ve seen enough porn to know what to do.

I took hold of what looked like a huge member (at least 25 cm and very thick), and threaded it from behind, straight to her pubic. The scream of pleasure, I think was heard all the way to the end of the street. Within seconds, her little body began to writhe, rise and fall from my mouth in violent movements I did not recognize and screams of pleasure filled the room. Suddenly her body stiffened, her pubic body clung to my tongue with force and I felt my mouth fill with orgasmic fluids.

Yael growled with satisfaction and I felt my body harden. I gently removed the dildo from between her legs, wondering if my member (all 15 cm and not particularly thick) could ever compete with this thing. Yael got off my body, lay on her back and put her hand on my male member partially, caressing and rubbing.

A rustle was heard from the direction of the closet and before I realized what was happening, Ofra, Yael’s partner in the office, appeared in front of us wearing only a short, transparent cotton dress that did not hide anything.

I was stunned.

Ofra smiled at me, came closer, placed a Viagra pill in my gaping mouth and said to my wife, “I told you this thing would do you good! Look at you.”

I thought I was hallucinating.

Ofra, about forty years old, divorced for two years, my wife’s partner in the architects’ office for about

Ten years and she always seemed asexual to me. A rather clumsy girl, always dressed in granny clothes. dry as a desert The few times I tried to joke with her, resulted in a shoulder shrug and a lack of understanding.

She was now standing in front of our bed, my wife’s limbs partially in my wife’s hand. Obviously she caught a glimpse of our whole crazy act. Her huge pink nipples protrude from the sheer cotton and a dark patch of hair peeks out and winks from underneath.

Despite my astonishment, I quickly responded; I sent a long hand under her cotton and ran a finger along her slit which was moist and warm. Ofra approached, asked my wife “may I?” And without waiting for an answer, she lifted the shirt a little and brought her hairy but carefully trimmed penis to my mouth.

I got up, wrapped my arms around Agna, pressed her pubic area to my mouth and began to lick the slit lustfully. In the meantime, Yael let go of my limbs, went behind Ofra, stripped her of her cotton, clung to her body from behind and sent her hands forward, caressing her huge nipples. I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to my wife and where all this goodness landed on me.

My wet licks began to affect Ofra and she began to sigh softly. One of my wife’s hands let go of Ofra’s field and crawled to her pubis. Ofra began to sigh heavily, Agana clung to my mouth tightly and finished quickly, filling my mouth with her liquid.

They both sat down on the bed by my side, bent over my body and their mouths pressed together in a stormy kiss. Their breasts hung over me, my wife’s small, droopy ones with long black nipples and Ofra’s big ones with huge pink nipples.

I raised my hands and greedily caressed my wife’s breasts which, despite all the years and without any logical explanation, still stimulated me like crazy.

After about a minute the girls stopped kissing, Ofra got up from the bed and went to the kitchen “to get some drink and food until the Viagra takes effect”, said Viyal, my wife rubbed her breasts on my chest and told me briefly – “Ofra and I have been doing this for 4 years. Two years ago Ofra divorced her husband because of me and also I was supposed to divorce you. The big problem is that I love you dearly and I couldn’t. Because I also love Ofra, the only solution I could think of is for Ofra to move in with us and somehow we will try together to create some kind of balanced relationship. What do you say?”

My wife Yael has always been practical.

A storm of emotions enveloped me. Surprise, a feeling of betrayal, anxiety of abandonment, anger, but among them in the picture also understanding and hope. It is evident that Yael and Ofra planned the move well. The Viagra started to work and the horniness I felt began to affect my other emotions and judgement.

Still, I’ve never been a sucker.

“I have a lot of questions and probably also some conditions,” I said to Yael, “and I still want to think about it. Let’s spend the night and tomorrow the three of us will talk and I’ll decide.”

Yael clung to me with a long kiss. “I knew you loved me too, I knew you wouldn’t kick me. I’m yours and you’re mine. Forever,” she whispered to me, her black eyes fixed on mine.

With perfect timing Ofra returned from the kitchen with a plate of sandwiches and cakes left over from the party and two large bottles of water.

“If we do even half of what I’m planning tonight, you’ll be very thirsty,” she giggled at me.

The three of us sat naked on the bed, the girls ate a little and I, extremely horny, sat down behind Yael, pressed my limbs to her wide behind and caressed her thighs. Yael leaned back, pressing her back to my chest, took the chocolate cake from the plate and began to crush it and spread it on her small breasts. Ofra responded immediately. She took the plate off the bed, sniffed and started licking and sucking my wife’s shrunken breasts.

My hands penetrated between Yael’s legs, massaging her pubic opening and my body hitting her backside. Ofra reached for the dildo and while sucking her black nipples, she began to insert it into my wife’s hot pubis. For a moment I was disappointed but Yael had other plans. Pulling out baby oil from the dresser, she reached back, lubricated my member and her rear slit and without any hesitation inserted my member into her rear opening.

I was stunned. I never even dreamed she would let me screw her rear.

Yael leaned back with her back on me, spreading her legs and I saw Ofra moaning, licking her hairy mound. In front of my throbbing limbs behind my wife, I felt well the movement of the hard dildo in her pubes.

Yael’s body began to twist with sharp movements. I squeezed her breasts hard, pinching her nipples hard and she finished with a loud scream. I continued to explore her rear opening and with a few sharp movements I squirted my seed inside her tight rear.

“Wow” I thought.

Yael pulled herself off me, pushed Ofra to lie on her back, lay down between her legs rubbing her pubic hair against her partner’s pubic hair and kissing her breasts. I examined the mirror with pleasure. Ofra’s white and rather large breasts oozed to the sides of her body, Yael lifted them from their sides and loudly cleaned the pink nipples. Her small body and wide back seemed to be swallowed up between Ofra’s long and spread legs.

My member stuck out again and I, without shame, smeared it with a large amount of baby oil, knelt behind my wife, spreading her legs assertively, leaned on her and penetrated her rear again. Yael groaned in surprise but did not resist but instead pushed her impaled Agne towards me.

Ofra momentarily took advantage of Yael’s elation, grabbed the dildo and placed it between them. Now, with each thrust of my wife’s rear, their pubes were crushed against the hard bone.

They both began to sigh loudly and I caught Yael’s hand encircling her partner’s rear and penetrating her from behind.

The close touch of my wife’s behind made me horny to the point of insanity. I dared and for the first time sent a hand to one of Ofra’s breasts. My palm hugged the big breast, I caught her big nipple between my fingers and squeezed. Ofra put her hand on my hand and pressed it tightly to the stimulated nipple as if confirming the contact. A wave of horniness flooded me and while the two partners were moaning hard, their pelvises were pressed to each other, I came hard in my wife’s rear.

I gently pulled myself out, bent down and started to lick the bottom of her pubic area crushed on the dildo and onto her friend’s pubic area. From here I could see that two of my wife’s fingers were deeply embedded in Ofra’s behind and not in her pubic area as I thought.

I didn’t waste time, I sent two fingers of my own a

into Ofra’s pubes and moved them in a circular motion as far as the pressure of the dildo from the outside allowed me. The touch of her foreign pubis was pleasant to me, while Ofra reacted wildly. An animalistic snarl erupted from her mouth and Agna rose with power in front of my wife. I inserted a finger from my other hand into my wife’s backside and the two finished together in real ecstasy.

I was in the clouds.

The women lay on their backs, regulating their breathing.
My organs, which thanks to Viagra, had taken on a life of their own, were stabbed again.

Without paying attention, I approached Ofra and pushed him into her wide mouth. Ofra was surprised but flowed and began to suck aggressively. Yael lay down on her side and looked at us. actually sees her husband pounding her partner’s mouth.

After about a minute she got up, came closer to us, rested her breasts on my back and put a hand to her friend’s pubic area. Ofra’s body reacted with surprising speed and Agna rose in front of my wife’s hand. Yael took the big dildo and inserted it into her without preamble. Ofra’s eyes widened beneath me in surprise and desire and the pace of the sucking was lost to her.

I left her mouth and looked for another hole for penetration.

My wife bent over her friend, her small breasts hanging empty below her, inserting the dildo forcefully and vigorously licking her friend’s pubes seemed to me more attractive than ever.

I positioned myself behind her and penetrated her, this time to her soft pubis with force. With both hands I squeezed her breasts, feeling her long nipples engulfed in the soft flesh. The older women’s sighs grew louder. I didn’t hold back, I got out of my wife’s soft cradle and inserted my member in one movement into her rear. Two swings and I’m done again.

I lay down stunned on my back, noticing that they were going to lick each other’s pubes.
“We’ll talk in the morning” I mumbled at them and fell asleep.

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