Regrets in the Summer

Hufit began to slow down the street, looking for the house number she had entered into Wise. When she locates the building, she also finds parking and puts it into reverse. When she checks the back in the middle mirror, she finds her pair of dreamy eyes and hopes that it is not a mistake that she is here. “It’s yes… it’s completely a mistake” she mutters to herself, “what are you doing here?” She sinks into herself for a few long seconds and then her thoughts are interrupted when a car horn jumps her out of her place – “Shit!” She protests and puts her hand out the window to signal to the car behind her to just pass.
Her phone received a text from Mattan. “Maybe I’ll fall asleep until you come, so at most we’ll see each other in the morning, love you, enjoy yourself. Good night.” She looks at the monitor and then goes back to hating herself a little in the mirror, parks and goes up to the building.

Four knocks and two more, just to lighten her mood, Hufit is waiting at the door. She breathes deeply. Inflates her already swollen chest and tries to empty herself of sudden annoyances by exhaling. She hadn’t seen Gal for almost a year, when he invited her just for a dinner with friends and to catch up, she saw no reason why he didn’t come, but now she felt that there was more to it than that and began to fear that she might have put herself in a corner from which it would be difficult for her to get out.
She was thin and long, although not a giraffe, proportional. Tanned, her hair was brown like that with light ends that brightened her face and blended nicely with her brown skin tone. Her eyes are like two almonds, lips with a natural presence. Her arms are chiseled, in general she was quite sketchy.
For the evening she decided on tight classic jeans, a black grandfather tank top and Teva sandals. For her, ‘simple’ was the name of the game.

Gal went to open the door and when it opened in front of him… “Shhhhh… how beautiful”. Hufit smiled, “hello to you”, he says and approaches to give her a warm hug, “Kfrahaha… I missed you” he says while he wraps Hufit completely inside him, “me too” she replies, “it’s been so long”. She loved his natural body odor, but now the smell of cooking coming from the kitchen took over and obscured it.

Gal had changed a bit since she last saw him;
Grown muscles, grew a beard… flattered his initiated baldness. And yet somehow, looks like an eternal child. Someone who doesn’t live to commit to any person or experience, someone who prefers to live the moment out of his own mysterious considerations, such a one that this fact makes him sexy and desirable just by making such a statement. player. Hufit knew this about him, but it didn’t stop her from continuing this dangerous flirtation.
He was one of the fit and healthy scarecrows. Even the muscles he has are not bloated and yet they left him well built! Tanning is a natural thing for him, his skin is smooth, brown eyes, a mischievous and scheming smile. White teeth. He always smelled good. Olympic flirt and beachhead loved it. It did something to her, and flirting never hurt anyone, if anything they just flattered her ego and gave her something to fantasize about.

As much as their relationship was always platonic, she never hesitated to reveal too much about it to her partner, Matan. Who was his complete opposite; Expected like a weekly forecast, values and morals, must have a framework to be at its best. All this stability, although it was right for her, but she could not always be satisfied with just that. Now, when there is a critical distance between them, she decided to take advantage of the offer of the complete opposite.

Being with Gal, seeing where and how he lived gave her a slightly different personality picture than she had thought until now. It was a classic bachelor apartment. Rolling papers and weed thrown on the table, clothes almost everywhere, diving equipment, scattered electronics… and books. Everywhere books that seemed to have been read eagerly and carefully. This neighbor’s lawn always attracted her more. And the more weeds he had, the more he intrigued her.

“At the chef’s request…” Gal broke away from him and handed him a plastic bag with 3 onions. “So this is where you live…” She walked around examining the space, as Gal examined her and her movements. “Make yourself at home, there’s still some time until the food is ready” he pulls out a bottle of white wine and waves it in front of her, “Can I prepare you in the meantime?”
Hufit hesitantly bites her lip but smiles in agreement, “Sure, I can do two things at the same time” she replies as she follows him into the kitchen and offers her help with the preparations.
“Ummm… how are you with cucumbers?” He winks at her, washes the vegetables and hands her a knife, “My specialty. I think you’ll be satisfied” she flows with the part.
“Whoa” he laughs and lightly puts his hands on her waist to switch places.

There’s something about the dynamic of these two that magnetizes them both to get closer all the time. Hoofit was not clear what it was, whether it was the innocent sexual flirtation, or whether it was the deep intellectual conversations in which they shared similar perspectives on life, or simply this unconventional bond that sometimes was so strong for her that she could not refuse this offer of dinner Tonight, but it’s only in these moments that she realizes how much she’s attracted to him and then decides with herself – it was indeed a mistake to come, but now that she’s here, she couldn’t even think about leaving. Not after the internal tickling and wetness she felt a second ago when he held her waist.

Drunk and eaten and a little smoked, these two were dumped in the living room and reached the point from which they never went on, but the night was still young for both of them. In the last hour they talked about what a normal relationship looks like…
Gal lay down on the couch, leaning his head on his two hands and Hufif leaning with her back on his stomach.
“So what does that mean? Where do you see yourself going?”
“I don’t exactly know, but I always have the feeling that I might regret it” she answers quietly.
Gal pauses for a moment and simply looks at her, “Earlier you tried to understand why I live the way I live, so this is exactly the reason.”
“Some would call it a commitment problem,” she says.
“You know I’m not into defining things…” He releases one hand and strokes the sides of her head, “Does Matan know you’re here?” he asks cautiously. “He knows,” she answers honestly. “You know I’m not into lying.”
“And he’s okay with that?” Hufit just looks at him in silence as he answers the question without a choice.
“And you? Are you okay with that?” He caresses her shoulder as a sign of support.
“I don’t know what I am, trying to avoid unnecessary regrets” she approaches

to him without control.

Maybe it’s the wine, maybe it’s the first time they’re alone in an environment that allows it, but suddenly her body has a will of its own. “And what are you afraid of regretting now?” he asks and looks at her intently.
“For making a mistake” she answers honestly.
“You know how I feel about that,” for a moment she perceives a hint of vulnerability in him because she knows he’s been in her place before.
The wonderful attraction that existed between them did not leave much room for words.
They both look into each other’s eyes, for another second and swallow, starving to take advantage of the moment, “I don’t want to make you regret anything you do, but I have to tell you, that a little more… a little more of this look, it will be hard for me to control myself..” he He says as he reaches out to her and wraps her waist, Hafit closes her eyes, momentarily takes a breath, sees in her mind’s eye Matan but at the same time also feels Gal’s cock getting hard on her lower back. “Everything we do is a choice” he concluded to her.
Hufit strongly agreed with this statement.
“What do you choose?” He asks almost in a whisper and waits a few long seconds for an answer.
“To make a mistake,” she states almost dramatically as Gal slowly squeezes her waist and pulls her to him.

Not even a moment passes and Hufi is already back on top of him, they kiss and rub against each other, a shared stimulation that intensifies their breathing and the drive of both of them. The touch of his tongue on her lips was slow and harsh, waxing and waning. Addictive and tastes good.
It seems that breaking the sexual tension, is a sure mood lifter;

“You are difficult for God,” she blurts out to him in between, “Have you seen yourself?” He answers her with a wide smile, grabs her breasts, bows his head on her neck and begins to investigate.
Hufit moves her pelvis on top of him and thus arouses him even more, her hands hold the back of his neck demanding that he focus on her, “These jeans are disturbing” she opens a button on him, excited to see what she is about to slide on in a moment, “You know what to do” He says with a smile, “But wait a minute”, he reaches over to the coffee table and pulls out a camera in front of it, “Are you trying to be mean to me?” Hufit stops for a moment, and looks at him a little shocked.
“Wouldn’t you like a little souvenir? I have a feeling this is going to be something worth laying siege to,” he unbuttons her jeans and lightly pushes his palm on her ass. “It doesn’t come out of here” he states and guides his hand as far as he can to her crotch, “You better not let it come out of here” she says unequivocally and rises a little higher than him to allow a more accessible entrance while the pants are still on her.
Gal with his free hand turns on the camera, presses the record button while with his other hand he inserts a finger into her and moves it back and forth inside her slowly, “Hmmm…” she blurts out.
“So is there permission?” He winks at her through the lens, “Take one, action?” Hufit smiles as she takes off her tank top and remains in her sexy black bra. “There is permission to have sex” she says directly to the lens as he points the camera at her.

It didn’t suit her so much, Gal did something in her that brought out a completely different energy from her, something that for a while she wondered if it existed in her and wished to experience with her, “Before that, I want you to prepare yourself for me” he now held the camera in both hands, “undress” he A mitzvah for her.
Hufit was turned on by the command he took, one of the things she lacked in giving was exactly that, the games of control, his confidence to lead and her privilege to obey, the commander in the bedroom. This is the kind of toughness she always looked for in him and probably also the reason why she was so drawn to Gal. “Yes, Commander” she blurted out playfully and realized where he was already heading;

Gal leans back and sticks his cock out in front of her as he continues to film her undressing. She was left with a bra and panties which she moved aside to reveal a clean pink cup and then lowered her hand to pleasure herself in front of him.
“Yes exactly” he muttered “play with yourself” he says as he hands himself on her.
She spreads her legs in front of him, one finger on her clit in quick circular motions and a second finger inside her cup, defiling herself. I enjoy watching him play with himself…
He could see how wet she was, he also began to adjust to the rhythm and rubbed himself consistently as she touched herself like this, her other hand moving her bra over her and clutching her left breast.
“How much the camera loves you” he blurts out lustfully, as she directs her gaze at the camera, which captures an innocent face and unleashes in it a wild sensuality that was trapped inside her until this moment.
“So?” She asks seriously and continues as she concentrates on her actions precisely to prepare Gal… for her.
His eyes are locked on her, the camera moves slightly, up and down, like his hand on his cock, “Come to me” he orders her and follows her in the frame as she goes down from under him, “Take him”.
Hufit opens her mouth to accept and is overwhelmed by his size that fills her to the brim with room to breathe, Gal still with the camera, can’t help but let out a deep sigh when he feels how deep she takes him right from the start. Her lips wrap around him from every direction as she kneels and sucks him like a favorite childhood candy, her mouth at first seems small and delicate, but a wave is ignited by the fact that she is able to contain it all, the feeling that he is deep in her throat only increased the horniness of both of them, to be bad and dirty.
When she gets up to take a breath of air, she focuses her eyes on his and then dives back for another portion and this time she works harder, sighing as much as she can, loving the fact that she can be “promiscuous” and free like that in front of him.
Gal grabs her ass and slaps her as if she asked to be punished and he senses that she is into it.
“Uhhh…yeah” she lets go and goes back to her place, holding his member, she shakes it against her cheek and then takes it again; impaling her mouth on his cock, going up and down on him, sliding him in and out, sucking him, working on him, literally sucking him into her and Gal can’t control himself, he puts the camera aside as he frames them, he grabs her head with both hands and increases the Her rhythm is even more, “Hahahaha… Yes, yes” He emits a deep “Yes, yes, yes, yes” and then sharply he stops and pulls it out, with her saliva still dripping from it and remaining as a shiny and wet testimony on her lips.

Hufit breathes madly and looks at him with widened eyes

Tears of exertion with his cock still in front of her face. “How do you want me?” She knows that the moment she was waiting for has arrived, Gal smiles at her and is happy that they are in the same mind as he once imagined. He pulls her on him while he is on his back, holds her waist and sits her on him, “Come down on me”, he tells her as he holds his member with both his hands;
Hufit easily slides herself onto his cock, and they both moan loudly, “God” she utters and a strong shiver goes through her whole body. The wetness made penetration so smooth, his entire size fit perfectly in her. She goes up and down and up and down, Gal feels how she slides up him in intoxicating slowness and how she falls on him only to jump back up, his cock was like a hot iron rod, but no temperature can melt it.
“Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” “You don’t understand how much you do this to me” Havit in a moaning response, focused on the sensations that go through her body during this crazy act.
“The way you need it, atonement” Gal took the camera again “touch yourself for me”.
Hufit was so focused on getting herself satisfied, she jumped on him like he was a trampoline. “Aaaah, aaaahhhh” her moans turned into loose screams of pleasure.
Gal took her hands and placed them on her breasts and repeated to himself “Show me how you touch yourself”.
Hufit feels her own nipples, collects them, squeezes them and then lowers her hand down and gives herself a handjob while she rides a wave that begins to approach an intense ejaculation, he breathes hard, both of them are not thinking about anything at the moment, but just feel each other boiling and hot.
“I’m getting closer” Hofite blurts out, “Mmmmmm dark… fuck yeah!”
Gal stood up and held her neck a little forcefully “Yes?” Gal repeats after her, “Wait for me now”, at once he turns her over on her stomach, nails her hands to the bed and enters her from behind.
Pow pow pow, the bed creaks, Hufit’s hoarse screams are full of addicting pain that she doesn’t want to end, “Like this, just like this,” she informs him.
“That’s exactly how you need to be plowed” he whispers in her ear and then gathers both of her hands behind her back and his other hand secures Hufit’s neck to the bed. She perceives the lens aimed exactly at her and she is pushed on her.
“Give it to me, I’m so close” she wails.
“You deserve atonement, take it, take it and let me feel you cum” Hufit is finished with this talk, and tightens so much on his cock that also hardens “Can you take me harder? Huh Chaimush?”
“Give me” she answers him completely turned on, Gal grabs her hair and skillfully pulls it back;

“Here I am,” he throws into the air as he pumps her as hard as he’s ever come, “here I am……”, he slows down and then goes deep and shoots her inside. He stays there and silence takes over, with both of them still inside each other, experiencing a powerful and sensual orgasm that both of them haven’t experienced in a long time.
The relaxation that came a few seconds later was so liberating. Gal still hadn’t come out of her, he hadn’t even fully softened yet, he just continued to lay on her back while still inside her, kissing her neck and shoulder.
“what does she say?” He asks panting heavily, “Any conclusions?” Gal reaches down to her, amazed at the amount of juices she gushed. Her place is still sensitive, so Gal makes her jump a little when he caresses her there, “Oooooo….” he whispers playfully.
Hufit still closes her eyes and in the midst of the experience, she also tries to regulate her breathing.
“I say… there are mistakes that are worth paying for and regrets that are worth engraving” she concludes in exhaustion when Gal raises his hand from her, tastes it and relishes it aloud “and I say you can also call it a tasteful regret”…

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